English - Greek phrasebook with a short greek grammar

Modern Greek for every day use
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Modern Greek for Everyday Use

Title: Modern Greek for Everyday Use
Publisher: Alpha Publishing
Author: Collective work
ISBN: 978-960-8215-42-9
Binding: Soft cover
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Pages: 240


 MODERN GREEK FOR EVEYDAY USE is a book, aiming to help those foreign visitors who want to communicate with Greek people in Greek.
  It is the result of a research study, which was carried out taking into serious consideration the problems encountered by numerous foreign visitors to Greece, over a long period of time. Its ultimate aim has been the determination of the most important, basic and everyday phrases.
  The book has been written by a group of specialists, of a well known Green Language School in Athens, using their experience in teaching Greek to foreign students over many years.
  It is ovious that this kind of handbook is not possible to cover all the existing needs of a foreign visitor. That is why we have included a rather extensive Grammar chapter, which will help those who want to develop their skills in using the Greek Language.
  The first chapter contains detailed instructions for the use of the book, which is simple anyway.
  We hope that "MODERN GREEK FOR EVERYDAY USE", will help to make every foreign visitor's stay in Greece more pleasant.
  On the other hand, we will be glad to accept all comments, which, will help to improve this manual.